• A walled garden in Lansdown Bath. The client wants a new garden door of solid oak built into the wall, with Bath stone surround and flagstone steps.The client also wants a flower cutting patch designed and maintained. The rest of the garden is due for completion 2016.
  • The client has a new home in Combe Down and would like a patio to replace the gravel left by the builders. We will use classical style planters with a central Pryus calleryana Chanticleer tree to provide year round interest, blossom, autumn colour and form in the winter. It will be surrounded by trellis for privacy but will not obstruct natural light.
  • In Widcombe the client has a large sloping garden and wants a patio with easy access. ┬áThis will be curved and sunken, catching the evening sun, and give views of Bath in the distance.
  • Kingswood Prep School Bath. The redesign of the adventure playground in order to provide carefully designed timber walkways. These are ROSPA approved and, wherever possible, include timber from the Kingswood estate. There are log trails and there are named logs. These describe the texture of each wood, smooth bark of beech, fibrous bark of pine etc. All have been felled within the estate.
  • Lansdown Bath. The planting of specimen trees to create a boundary, to stop noise pollution, and to preserve our natural heritage and to promote diversity.
  • Lansdown Bath. To create a modern Spring and Autumn flower bed using modern plant combinations and interesting use of bulbs.
  • Weston Bath. The redesign of two flowerbeds which will frame the view of a Regency house and use modern contrasting flower combinations.
  • Weston Bath. A courtyard garden for a new build, to be used for entertaining. Clever use of hard landscaping and lighting, mature pleached trees screen the garden from the road. Low maintenance.